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Registration and Admission

Registration dates for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows:

In house registration: March 1st. Open registration: March 2nd. There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee that covers supplies for the entire school year and a school field trip t-shirt. The fee is due at the time of registration and guarantees a slot for your child. Registration is on a first come-first serve basis. A copy of your child’s vaccination record and a Health Assessment filled out by your child’s doctor need to be completed and on file at the beginning of the new school year.

The registration packet and a non-refundable registration fee must be returned to the school for enrollment to be complete. The Hope Mills United Methodist Preschool welcomes all children of any religion, race, or socioeconomic status.  A health certificate for every child must be completed which includes a record showing current immunizations required by law and bear the signature of a medical doctor. To register please print out the registration form here and turn it in to the main office. 



Tuition is charged monthly.  The tuition is the same each month regardless of how many days the child actually attends for the month.  Credit will not be given for days the child has missed due to illness, inclement weather, or holiday closures. 

Tuition rates are subject to change but will NOT change during the school year.  Payments are due on the first day of the month.  Payments received after the 10th of the month will incur a $20 late fee.  An additional $10 fee will be applied each week thereafter.  If your child’s tuition is not paid up by the 15th day of the following month, your child will be dropped from the program. A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.


Absenteeism and Withdrawal

The Hope Mills United Methodist Church Parents Morning Out program operates as a non-profit ministry of the Church and relies solely on tuition payments for operational costs.  Therefore, tuition is required regardless of absenteeism of any length of time.  Withdrawal from the program requires at least a 30 day advance notification.  If advance notice is not given, you will be responsible for the month’s tuition.  There is no refund for registration fees. 


Holidays and Closures

The PMO follows the Cumberland County Traditional School Holiday Schedule.  The PMO will be closed for all of the Cumberland County Traditional School teacher workdays.  On very rare occasions the PMO will need to close due to church activities.  Parents will be notified in advance in the rare instance that this occurs.  In the event that a significant number of children and staff become ill (flu season) the PMO will close to allow for cleaning and sanitation of the school. 

Please follow our Health and Safety Policy to help keep illnesses minimal. 


Inclement Weather

The PMO follows the Cumberland County School schedule for inclement weather.  If Cumberland County Schools are closed, the PMO is closed.  If Cumberland County Schools have a two hour delay, the PMO will open at 11:00.  If Cumberland County Schools have a one hour delay, the PMO will open at 10:00.  We will make an attempt to call you but please check the television or radio listings for closings and delays. In the event of severe weather and the Cumberland County Schools remain open, the PMO may be closed at the director’s discretion. 

If this occurs, you will receive a telephone call from your child’s teacher.


Parental Involvement

The Hope Mills United Methodist Church Parents Morning Out Program is a ministry of the church.  We operate as a non-profit organization and are fully self supporting.  Because of our limited resources, we always welcome donations. 

We also welcome parent volunteers to help us in the classroom during special events. 


Student Arrival and Departure

The rear double doors will be unlocked at 8:55.  The teachers are busy preparing for the day and it is not possible for them to provide supervision before this time.

**It is strongly recommended that the children in the Four Year Old class arrive promptly at 9:00am.  The four year old class is structured with curriculum to prepare the children for kindergarten.  The children have better days when they arrive on time and have time to participate in and complete all of their activities.

**Parking for the PMO is located in the side lots of the church.  Parents will need to park in the lot and accompany their child into the PMO.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE IS A PARENT ALLOWED TO DRIVE UP TO THE DOORS TO DROP OFF THEIR CHILD.  For safety purposes, the parents are required to park in the lot and keep the walkway free of vehicles.  We require that children enter through the backdoors of the church.  Parents are REQUIRED to sign their child in daily and provide a daily contact number.

**Classes are dismissed at 1:00pm.  Pick up time is at 1:00pm.  It is imperative that the children be picked up on time.  There will be a $5.00 late fee for each child not picked up by 1:05.  An additional $1.00 per minute will be added after that time.  We will begin calling the number on the sign in sheet at 1:10pm.  If we do not reach the daily contact we will begin calling the emergency contacts to come and pick up the child. 

**Only authorized persons that have been noted on the child’s emergency contact sheet will be permitted to pick up children.  Anyone other than that child’s parents will need parent authorization and a picture ID will be required. 



Please dress your child in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing (mittens and gloves on cold days).  The children play outside on cold days as well as warm days.  The children play outside, they paint, glitter, glue, and get dirty.  Please ensure your child is dressed in clothing suitable for playtime.  The children need to wear sturdy CLOSED TOE shoes with socks.  Please help us keep your child comfortable and safe. 

**A note about “crocs”…..Crocs have closed toes but they are not easy for the children to run in when playing in the gym.  The rubber soles tend to “catch” when they run in the gym or even are just walking in the hall.

**Please be mindful of your child’s ability to dress and undress when they use the restroom.  We foster independence and appreciate efforts to keep your child’s frustration to a minimum. 

**A change of weather appropriate clothes should be left in your child’s cubby. This ensures that if there is an accident or your child becomes sick at school, your child will be spared the embarrassment of us trying to search for clothes and keep the incident to a minimum.    The clothing should be put in a zip-lock bag with your child’s name on it.  Please include a pair of pants, a shirt, underwear, and socks.  If soiled clothing is sent home, please send another set the next day.    


Lunches and Snacks

Parents are responsible for providing lunch for their child.  The children will carry their lunch to the cafeteria therefore their lunches need to be packed in a lunchbox or bag separate from their book bag.  Simple lunches work best.  We have found too many choices can be overwhelming. Sandwiches are not required.  If cut up chicken and some carrots and ranch are a favorite, by all means pack that.  We do ask that you keep desserts and sugary treats to a minimum.  We encourage healthy eating and eating healthy foods first.  The teachers will assist the children with their lunches but will not spoon feed the children. We are not allowed to heat up children’s food for safety reasons and time restraints. 

Each classroom will have a daily snack.  We ask that parents provide a snack for the entire class on a rotating basis.  The snacks may be assigned or there may be a sign-up sheet.  Again, please keep desserts and sugary snacks to a minimum.



Birthdays are special!! If you would like to bring in a special treat to celebrate, please make arrangements with your child’s teachers in advance.  Special treats and hats for the class are permitted if you choose to provide them.  The class will sing to the birthday child and enjoy their special snack.  No gifts please. Due to our limited time, birthday celebrations are limited to lunch time or snack time. 



Holiday parties and special events will be scheduled throughout the year.  Teachers will post sign-up sheets for parents to volunteer their time or provide special foods for the party. We have a Christmas program in December, a Mother’s Day Brunch and an End of the Year/Graduation program in May.  All children enrolled in the preschool will be included in these programs.  The children work very hard to prepare for these programs and we encourage the parents to allow their children to attend. 


Field Trips

Various fieldtrips will be scheduled throughout the year.  Most of the field trips are covered by the school.  At the beginning of the school year your child will receive a school shirt.  We ask that they wear those shirts during our fieldtrips.  Permission slips must be signed by a parent for the child to attend.  Parents will be asked to volunteer to assist with transportation and supervision of the children. 

**There will be a limited number of fieldtrips for the two year old class and one’s class.  Because of the age of the children and the amount of supervision required, parents are required to transport, accompany, and supervise their child or children. 



Parents are responsible for supplying diapers for their children.  Wipes will be provided unless your child has an allergy or is sensitive to the wipes we use.  In this case please provide the wipes that your child can use. 


Diaper Changing Policy

Diapers will be changed by teachers only. Diapers will be changed in a designated area with another adult present in the room.  Gloves will be changed with each diaper change and the area will be sanitized with a sanitizing solution.  Under no circumstances will a non-staff member change a program child’s diaper.


Cloth Diaper Policy

For sanitary reasons, cloth diapers are not permitted at the Parents Morning Out program.

The ONLY exception to this policy will be if the child has an allergy to disposable diapers and has a doctor’s note stating the allergy.  Each case will be handled on an individual basis. In the event that the child does have an allergy and a note from the doctor stating the allergy, the parent’s will be responsible for providing plastic bags and a closed diaper pail.  Under no circumstances will the diapers be rinsed out by the teachers.  The parents will be responsible for emptying and sanitizing the diaper pail daily.


Potty Time

Children will be escorted to the restroom by the teachers.  The teachers will be available but will not escort the child into the restroom.  Children are expected to be self-sufficient when using the restroom.  The door may be closed but under no circumstance will the child be allowed to lock it for safety reasons.  Privacy will always be respected but the safety of the children remains our number one priority. In the event that a child has an accident, the teacher will provide a private area for the child to change their clothes.  The teacher will remain with the child and assist when necessary.  The private area may be a separate room from the classroom but the door will always remain open.


Discipline Policy

Discipline will be approached with a positive attitude in a way that encourages the development of self control.  Appropriate behavior will be rewarded.  Rewards will include, but are not limited to, smiles, hugs, prizes, and praises!!

If a child needs redirection from negative behavior, the re-direction will be approached with firmness and love.  Children will be re-directed when inappropriate behavior is displayed.  If a child continues with the negative behavior, they will be placed in time out.  Inappropriate behaviors include, but are not limited to, talking inappropriately to teachers and other children, taking toys from others, and not following directions. In the event that a child is aggressive towards other children they will automatically go into time out.  Aggressive behaviors include yelling at the teachers or other children, pushing, and hitting.  If a child is displaying aggressive behavior and is not responding to re-direction and time out, the parent will be called to pick up the child for the day.  The child will be allowed to return to the program the following day.  We will ask the parents to reinforce the decision at home and remind the child of the consequences of inappropriate behavior at school.  Most problems can be solved if there is good communication and consistency between school and home.  However, we reserve the right to terminate services and disenroll the child from the program if the child repeatedly displays overly aggressive or disruptive behavior towards the staff or other children. In the event that a child bites a teacher or another child, the parent will be called and the child will be sent home for the day.  We consider biting a serious issue and if a child bites three times, we reserve the right to disenroll the child. Disruptive behavior is not accepted in the classroom.  The children are taught the program rules and the importance of behaving respectfully in the classroom.  Teachers always work to help the children adjust to the program and follow the rules.  However, the children are expected to behave appropriately without constant redirection.  As the children prepare for learning, they are expected to participate in group activities, sit in their seats for academic activities, and follow basic classroom rules.  If the inappropriate behavior continues or the child continues to struggle to adjust to the program, referrals will be offered for alternate programs that address behavior modification.  We want your child’s preschool experience to be a positive one and understand some children may need more than our program offers to ensure they have a successful experience. The “time-out” chair will always be in the classroom and the child will always be supervised by the teachers.  In all instances, the teacher will explain to the child why they are in time out and why their behavior is inappropriate.  If warranted, the child will be asked to apologize. No child will EVER be subjected to any form of corporal punishment by any staff member.  No food or drink will be withheld or given as means of punishment.  No child will be disciplined for lapses in toilet training.


Health and Safety Policy           

Children who are too ill to participate in all activities should remain in the comfort of their own home.  If during the day the teacher feels your child is too ill to participate you will be called to pick up your child.  This is also true for children who are too tired to participate.  We do not have the facilities to allow your child to rest or enough staff to supervise a child who is not in the classroom, participating in activities, with both teachers.  We will charge additional fees for children who are not picked up in a timely manner or whose parents do not respect our decision to send a child home.  When you sign your child in daily, please be sure to leave a number where you can be reached.  If we cannot reach the parents we will contact the emergency contacts to pick up the child.


Your child must remain home if he or she displays the following symptoms:


**Child is too tired to participate in classroom activities

**Temperature of 99 degrees or higher or any child that has had temperature of 99 degrees or higher

within the past 24 hours

**Any contagious condition (head lice, impetigo, strep throat, etc) until the child has seen a physician and is deemed no longer contagious.  We request that the preschool be notified to ensure others are aware of symptoms. 

No names will ever be given.

**Children with diarrhea or vomiting or those who have had diarrhea or vomited within the past 24 hours

**Any green or yellow discharge from the nose

**Any unknown or contagious rash

Parents will be notified of any communicable diseases. Children need to be fever free without the use of a fever reducer such as Tylenol or Motrin for 24 hours before returning to school.  A child may return after being on antibiotics for a full 24 hours. We strongly enforce this policy to help keep all of our children and staff healthy and happy. If a child is injured at the PMO the parents will receive written notification.  Your child’s teacher will administer care for an injury as needed.  They may receive ice for a bruise, popsicles, band aid, and lots of hugs. Each of our staff members maintains a CPR certification.  If the staff feels the child may need medical attention, the parents will immediately be notified.  The staff ALWAYS errs on the side of caution.  We would much rather call and have you check on your child than overlook an injury that needs medical attention. In the event of an emergency the staff will first call 911.  Immediately following the 911 call the parents will be notified.  If a child needs to be transported to the hospital and the parents are not here to transport, a teacher will ride in the ambulance with the child. 


Fire Drills

The Hope Mills Fire Department conducts annual fire safety inspections.  We have periodic fire drills to review our Fire Safety Evacuation Plan. 


Stranger Danger and Safe Sanctuaries

We have a “Stranger Danger” policy at the Preschool and follow Safe Sanctuaries policies.  Because we are a church we occasionally have a “stranger” in the building for church business.  In the event that there is someone in the building not associated with the preschool we implement our stranger danger policy.  The teachers will take the children into their classrooms and close the doors.  The children will stay there until we are sure there is no threat.  We do not make the children aware of the situation as we do not want to frighten them.  When it concerns the safety of the children, we always err on the side of caution. In the event that the nearby public schools go on “lock down” for any reason, we follow our “Stranger Danger” policy. Our staff is Safe Sanctuary certified.  All staff members have had a background check and have attended required training.  Safe Sanctuary Policy requires that our rear doors remain locked while the children are in the building except for drop off or pick-up times.  The rear doors will be unlocked at 8:55am and we will lock them back at 9:10am.  If you are late dropping your child off please come to the front of the church.  These doors remain unlocked throughout the day.  Visitors must come past our offices and sign in so we know who is in the building. If you need to pick up your child early please use these doors as well. For pick-up the rear doors will be unlocked at 12:50. With that being said, please know we have an “Open Door” policy in the school.  You are welcome to stop by anytime throughout the day.  It is our responsibility to keep your child safe while in our care and Safe Sanctuary Policies help accomplish that.

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